A lot to learn from Mr. Steve Jobs

If there is one thing we can all learn about Mr. Steve Jobs, it is to say THINK DIFFERENT.

Thinking differently throughly helps in academia. Many will attest to the fact that there usually is more than one way to solve a problem or analyze a case study. Be bold and challenge the status quo. A favorite quote of mine is that of Albert Einstein; “Imaginiation is more important than knowledge”. We will continue to acquire greater knowledge in our life long quest to learn about our environment, self, organizations etc. Those who think differently and use their imagination will make the greatest impact on our lives.

Never before has an individual change 5 major industries in their life time. Mr. Jobs did so with such greatness and finese. The computer industry via apple computers and notebooks, ipads; the music industry via ipod, itunes; the entertainment industry via pixar animations; the retail industry via apple stores and the telecommunication industry via iphone. Marketing gurus will admit that he touched their relm in grand style.

A true innovator there is much to be learned from Mr. Jobs from all of us. May we continue to think and approach things differently as we strive to make positive contributions in local communities, schools, work place etc.  May he rest in peace.