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“I am just finishing my MBA-Finance, during which time I had the opportunity to have Bismark as Statistics tutor; greatly improving my understanding of the subject. He is very personable and has great understanding of the field, which makes him a great tutor.”Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time. Otto Cruzz, NSU MBA 2008


“I was fortunate enough to work with BA tutoring for Statistics at University of Miami School of Business.Bismark provided me a with concrete strategy and many useful lessons that enabled me to do well on the final.He’s passionate, personable and professional.”Max Castillo UMiami MBA 2008

“Bismark was very helpful in tutoring me in Statistics. He helped take what was a difficult subject and simplified the material so that I was able to absorb it easily. He was key in helping me prepare for my exams and doing well in the course. I would highly recommend him.” Best, Georgia UMiami MBA 2008


“Bismark from BAtutoring was able to thoroughly and accurately explain the assignments as well as answer any questions I might have had with my Business Modeling class. With his help, I was able to successfully complete the course. It was worth every penny!.” Yi Ling, Software QA Engineer, NSU MBA 2009.


“Bismark is an outstanding statistic’s tutor who helped me pass this class with a high grade. He is very knowledgeable of the subject matter and knows how to explain the most difficult concepts in a way easy to understand. When tutoring for a group, he made sure all the students grasped the basic concepts before moving forward to the more challenging ones. He is also very reliable and capable of accommodating students with busy schedules.” Gina Scavetta, VP Director of Operations at Investment Firm in Fort Lauderdale, NSU MBA 2009

“Bismark of Batutoring is an excellent tutor and will help you understand Business Modelling material that is being covered. He will explain it to you until you get it. I highly recommend Bismark.” Alan Goldstein,World Hope Academy, NSU MBA 2009

“Business Modeling was hard, but Bismark of BA Tutoring helped to make it a whole lot easier. He took the time to explain in detail the concepts of each project and taught it in a manner that was easy to understand. With the support of BA Tutoring I was able to achieve an A-.” Dwayne S. NSU MBA 2009

“Bismark’s knowledge, patience, and teaching abilities helped me understand the challenging concepts of Business Modeling. I honestly could not have completed this course and achieved an A without his guidance and tutoring. Don’t wait till it’s too late and make the decision now to use him, it was by far the best decision I made for Business Modeling.” Peter Sanchez, NSU MBA 2009.

“Knowing my challenges with Accounting I decided to solict the help of BA Tutoring when it was time to do my Managerial Accounting course. I had the privilege of working with James Quaye, the tutor, who was very indepth, helpful and understanding.
Whenever, I had challenges, James was always willing to make himself available, even at short notice, to go over key concepts and formulas that were necessary to help me overcome those challenges and to understand the course material. My final grade in the course was an “A” and I could not have done this without James’ help and expertise. Thank you James.” Fritzgerald Brown, NSU MBA 2009.

“I delayed taking Business Modeling for as long as possible after hearing horror stories about how difficult this graduate level statistics course was. With good instruction from Bismark at BA Tutoring, I was able to ace the course and gain real life insight into the powers of statistics. Business Modeling turned out to be my favorite course within the MBA curriculum. I plan on applying the skills learned in school to the business world and will definitely use Bismark again. I highly recommend BA Tutoring to anyone seeking guidance with statistics at school or in business!” Andrew Roth, NSU MBA, 2009.

“Bismark at BA Tutoring was instrumental in helping me to excel in Business Modeling. Thanks to his supplemental instruction, I was able to easily comprehend the key concepts of the course work and complete all of the assignments in an efficient and effective manner. I highly recommend the services of BA Tutoring.” MH NSU MBA 2010

“I just completed the Business Modeling Class! I received a grade of A- thanks to my tutor “Bismark”. The course was really tough. I never thought that I would get through the class. The tutoring session really helped. During tutoring sessions Bismark taught us how to build, simulate, and interpret business models needed to analyze the cases. I highly recommend BA tutoring services for the Business Modeling Class.”Robin Smith, Broward Health, NSU MBA 2010.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to receive statistical tutoring services from BA Tutoring and was quite pleased with the services. Bismark took the time to explain the work and went above and beyond the scope of services. His style of teaching, prompt responses, and knowledge of work made the tutoring experience a very pleasant one and reduced my stress of learning an overwhelming topic.” Melisa G. NSU 2012

“I used BA Tutoring for my Business Modeling class. The class was challenging and difficult. With the assistance and guidance of BA tutoring service I was able to take on the class and get and “A” I am very happy and grateful with the guidance I was given to pass the class. My tutor, Bismark made sure that I would not leave until I fully understood the concepts and the assignments. I highly recommend BA tutoring to all!!”. Paola O. NSU MBA 2012

“Bismark I am truly appreciative and am thankful for your patience, understanding and genuine concern in ensuring that I not only passed my Business Modeling class but that I understood the concepts. You went above and beyond, and did a tremendous job. You are a GREAT Tutor, Thank you!”. Jodiann M. NSU MBA 2012

“I just wanted to inform you about an amazing tutor named Bismark who absolutely helped me out with a couple of my classes including Business Models & Corporate Finance.  He was very knowledgeable about both of these subjects and was able to teach, explain and assist with all of the questions I had for him.  I don’t know what I would of done without his help on a couple assignments and I appreciate how helpful and patient he was with me.  Thanks for all your help Bismark”. Puja Kalan, NSU MBA 2012

“Business Modeling is a very challenging course about critical thinking. At the beginning of the class, I thought of asking my classmates for help. However, they were in the same boat as me – they were taking the class and have not yet mastered the competencies. Without Bismark, I would have been lost. The only reason why I got such an outstanding grade is because Bismark was as my tour guide into the world of decision-making. Bismark is a very responsible and a punctual person, who has a talent to explain the assignment with crazy multi-step instructions in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone”. Kate Ataeva, NSU MBA 2012


“Bismark is a great tutor! With his assistance I was able to understand the information and get an A in Economics, Business Modeling, and Finance! Thanks BA Tutoring!” MS, NSU MBA 2013


“My name is Shenna Stevens and I received an A in my Business Modeling class thanks to BA Tutoring.  I was very intimidated by the course and the classroom lectures, but BA Tutoring made everything so simple and easy to understand, to the extent that it increased my confidence (and knowledge of Business Modeling) which caused me to excel. I could not have gotten the grade I got without the help of BA Tutoring. I recommend it to everyone”. NSU MBA 2013


“You are the best, I would never have gotten the A without your assistance all semester long. Thank you!!!”. Denise Isaac, NSU MBA 2013


“Business Modeling is an intense and pretty tough course but with Bismark’s patient help, I was able to better understand the concepts and apply them in my analyses.Although a little skeptical at first, the online sessions proved quite effective and Bismark was very accommodating, even making himself available at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning to help me to make my deadline.

Thanks to his help, I not only got an A for the course, I received the highest overall points in my class (yay!). Highly recommended and really worth the investment. One sure way to succeed in this course”. Olweyn Racquel MBA 2014