Consumer Clips

what gadget can you not live without?

consumer clips recently asked people about the gadgets they had to have and which they could live without.   Even more interesting than the individual responses and rationalizations, is how consumer technology needs evolve over time and how their perceived (and real) attachments shift at various lifestages.  We will revisit this question over time to compare answers as the market evolves and offers more mobile multi-function products, smartphones and tablets.

Teens (featured in the kids clips section) surprisingly tended to opt for computers more than cellphones.  They noted they could use the computers to stay in touch and get their work done for school.  Adult smartphone users were loathe to part with their beloved (and practical) devices; however, those with cellphones didn’t have the same affinity for their phones.

The decision on what to keep and what to discard was ultimately based more on connectivity and pragmatism than coolness.  A multi-tasking marvel that connects users to clients, family and friends, appears to be the hardest gadget for consumers to leave behind and usually the one they will not live without.