Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just elope?

Craig wouldn't let us. Not only that but he didn't show up when I told him I'd meet him at the local courthouse for a quick hitching. Weddings are a lot of work but worth the celebration with friends and family. I'm marrying a wise and patient man.

Are you nervous about getting married?

Marriage is exciting and scary at the same time. It's a lifelong commitment that we are both very serious about making. We've taken our time in dating and grown to love each other deeper over the years. The marriage vows we will make on June 14 will be both exciting and deeply rooted in a fearful seriousness. Yes, we have both been nervous at different points but that fear is healthy. Marriage is a wonderful gift and we look forward to drinking deep as we start our life together!

What's next after marriage?

We will stay in Greenville for one more year while Hadessa finishes her contract with Greenville College. We will head out to Virginia for a short semester at Liberty University where Hadessa will finish up the classes she needs for her masters degree. And then we make the move to Chicago! I'll be working with Collective Front for the next few years as well as pursuing music with Photoside Cafe.

How come you guys didn't send out physical invitations?

We felt we could reach more people with out breaking the bank by sending out email invitations and then directing our guests to this website. It worked out very well and enjoyed everyones feedback. If you didn't receive an invitation well by all means here is what you missed! (Take a look!) Now you're invited.

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