The Line Up

Dessa and I have been blessed with incredible friendships over the years. We would like to introduce to you ones who will be standing at our side on our wedding day. Our wedding party is as follows,


Naphtali Marshall

Naph and I share birthdays only two days apart, grew up over seas as missionary kids, play in a band together, both studied digital media, and share many of the same passions of music and graphic design. We were room mates this past year, got engaged around the same time, and are getting married within two weeks of each other. Naph is a great friend who I've grown to respect and love. It's an honor to have him as the best man in my wedding.

Seth Rouch

As my college room mate, golfing buddy, and relationship consultant, Seth and I shared some great times together in college. We used to go on four in the morning McDonalds runs and talk about our plans for the future. Seth is the kind of guy that just makes you feel loved. He is a giant teddy bear and his hugs are the greatest. Tall Seth is an incredible friend and a close brew-hah (brother).

Daniel Weibracht

Daniel and I grew up just down the street from each other. He will forever be my childhood best bud who I played basketball, rollerblade hockey and endless hours of computer games with. We pulled pranks on our little brothers together, blew up little cardboard cities with gunpowder and mastered the art of mango-diet-sprite slushy concoctions. Daniel and I will probably still get together to make chocolate rice Champorado when we are seventy.

David Hobson

My little brother and I have always been good friends. Of the two of us he got the 4.0 in school and was the president of his class. I scrapped by caring more about music and my band than academics. David led bible studies and I stayed out too late with friends. My parents raised two completely different kids and yet we always got along. I love him more than ever now that we are older and cherish the phone conversations we have about life and where God is taking us. He is my one and only blood brother.

Kaleb Bontrager

I'm excited about having Kaleb as a brother in law. We became pretty good friends right off the bat and of the Bontrager family he was the first one who thought Dessa and I should hook up. I taught Kaleb a bit of guitar and introduced him to some of my favorite bands. We've played hours of Halo together and he taught me to ride a 4-wheeler... I returned the favor by getting it run over by a semi. Sorry man.


Tamar Bontrager

Tamar has been my sister for almost 20 years (imagine that!) as well as a dear friend. She is one person who can actually hold a conversation with me using only movie lines. I laugh more with her than anyone else and there never seems to be a lacking of inside jokes. We know what the other is thinking without saying a word, just a glance of the eye is sufficient. She knows my inner fears and hopes I am excited and privileged to have her be my maid of honor.

Tabitha Miller

Tabitha has always been dear to my heart. Being my older sister she was my role model growing up yet at times didn't have any problems getting me into trouble...okay okay, maybe I brought it on myself, but not always! She taught me life lessons through her own struggles and allowed me to lean on her for strength when I just didn't seem to have it. She is one of the closest friends I have ever had and I'm excited she will be standing with me and supporting Craig and I.

Alex Weaver

Alex and I were neighbors living right across the hall from each other our freshman year. She was my roommate for two years and kept me sane during college and through some of the drama with my RC position. She has been constant in my life and I appreciate that about her. She understands me in a way others are not capable of. We could stay up late talking, telling stories, laughing at how ridiculous life can be sometimes but also sit and cry with one another, not needing to say a word. I'm proud to have her present at the beginning of my lifelong adventure with Craig.

Reba Dziki

Reba lived down the hall from me freshman year. She was one of the loud soccer players on the floor, however we became friends quickly. We always lived near each other in college whether right down the hall or in buildings a couple feet away from each other. We have been through drama with girls, guys, family and each other. Over the years we have grown closer and closer to one another where she seems like one of my sisters. To have her experience our wedding with us is an honor.

Stephanie Swanson

Stephanie was one of my residents my first year as an RC. I didn't know then that we would be as good of friends as we are now. Through the years our relationship took many different roles. I was her RC, mentor, co-worker, and friend. We have, quite successfully, managed to get together once a week, for the most part, to discuss different books, topics, and life events for the last four years. She has been an accountability partner and I have loved having her as part of my life. She has been there as I grew and allowed God to challenge me. I love that she will be a part of the beginning of my life with Craig.

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