Photoside Cafe

The burst of fresh air currently blowing through the Midwest music scene is Photoside Cafe, a four piece Aggressive, Acoustic, Progressive, Art Rock band from Greenville, IL.

The foursome met in the fall of 2005 at Greenville College, a school noted for its Contemporary Christian Music program. From the beginning, hard work and creativity was what swept up their fans and music professors alike in a melodic undertow. Photoside’s intricate details in each song leave audiences in awe and have earned the respect of fellow musicians.

Photoside Cafe has already created a solid fan base throughout the Midwest, playing on multiple stages in such notable music festivals as Agape Festival and Cornerstone.

The chemistry within the group is outstanding, and it shines onstage. Each member brings elite individual talent into the mix, making the final product the perfect combination of talent and creativity. With their blazing songs and lyrics, Photoside Cafe blends all the right elements to create an ambiance that is nothing short of remarkable.

Website Born

Version 2.0 has begun. The site’s concept designs are beginning to look solid and the blueprints are in place.

This will be quite an upgrade from our first site.  We have a huge mountain to climb to follow through with all that we have planned.  Rising To Sleep, here we come!


Photo gallery

Events, Festivals, and Shows

Doing what we do best.

Photoshoot 1

Chicago – January 2006 – Thanks to Luke Ewing


Promo photos of the band

Photoshoot 2

St. Louis – October 2006 – Thanks to Ann E. Harrington

Boldfaced Legend EP Release Show

Greenville, IL – April 2006



Electronic Press Kit

coming soon…

Rising To Sleep EP Release Show

Greenville, IL – April 2007


Q. How did you come up with your band name?

A few random words on an otherwise blank piece of paper peered up at the four of us as we sat around after a post practice, one in the morning McDonalds run. We were determined to come up with a band name that at least somewhat captured our aggressive acoustic art rock sound. Photoside Cafe seemed to fit the warm artsy feel we were going for. We chose it not because of any meaning, but simply because it fit our music… it fit our personalities. There’s no deep reason behind the name, it just sounds like us.

Q. How did Photoside Cafe start?

Photoside Cafe started in late August of 2005 when Naphtali Marshall and Nick Hopkins met at Greenville College as incoming freshmen. Similar musical tastes led the two together and soon to they begin looking for a bass player to join their jam sessions.

As they began inquiring as to anyone who might play bass they came across a kid who just looked like he belonged in a band. Matt Gadeken was asked to play bass, he responded with a, “no, but I play drums”, and the conversation ended with a, “Nah, don’t worry about it”. But he still came along to listen anyway (That was a close one). After the first song Matt asked if he could go get his violin… there was no objection, and so he jumped right in and jammed along that night. At the end of the session, with no hesitation, Matt was asked to join the band.

And so there were three. Yet, still no bassist. Naph had jammed on guitar with Craig Hobson earlier in the year and had asked if he wanted to play bass for them multiple times. And multiple times Craig declined the offer. Finally Naph asked Craig to at least come to a practice, and hopefully step in as a part time bassist until they could find a full time one. Craig agreed.

Four guys showed up to the next practice and by the second song Craig had made up his mind to become part of this dream.

Q. What does “Boldfaced Legend” stand for?

Boldfaced Legend comes from a story of a boy that was given the chance to be courageous and stand by his friends in a time of need. In the heat of the moment decided to bail on them. The irony in the name is that the title of the story sounds impressive, but in all reality the act that took place is far from impressive.

It was our first EP. We knew we were only just getting started.

Q. Who made your website?

Our bass player is a freelance web designer. Craig is graduating from Greenville College with a B.S. in Digital Media. You can check his stuff out at,

Q. Where can I get Photoside Cafe music?

You can download Photoside’s older “Boldfaced Legend” EP for free in our media section.
You can buy the new “Rising To Sleep” EP at the online store.

Photoside will have copies of the Rising to Sleep EP at every show.

Q. How can I get Photoside Cafe to come play in my hometown?

Why simply fill out the handy dandy booking form over in the contact section.


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Other Friends/Links
» Matt Good
» Greenville College
» Feed Just One
» Invisible Children
» Blood Water Mission
» Front Row Productions
» Gloria DeVrieze

Website Testing Phase

We are up and running! version 2.0 is now in beta but in need of a lot more work. There are a number of bugs and we still need to fill in a majority of the content. The store is in the works, the contact page is getting there and the pictures page is on the horizon.

The next big hurdle is getting a user profile set up for our registered users. The goal is to make this site much more interactive and community oriented. We are aiming for a launch date of mid-April.


Greenville, IL – Agape Fest 2007

Agape Fest 2007We are playing second stage for the battle of the bands @ 6:15pm on Friday afternoon! If we do ok and make first or second place then we will be playing on main stage Saturday at 10:00am.

We’re looking forward to see you there!

For more information,

» Get tickets now at,
» Mapquest Directions

Lab Band Tryouts

8:00pm in the blackroom

Purpose Or Dream

you’re always sitting out
in the street of lonely
everyone wonders why
remember when I was you
lying at the bottom of the scale
waiting for a “pick-me-up”

everyday I find myself wishing to miss a beat
and nothing of importance helps my thoughts
helps my thoughts

to move along
to any better muse
what am I to do
to live this life
with any purpose or dream
is intolerably
not enough, not enough for me

contacts were severed
in a time when I held
conversations with the best
now I stare into my box
afraid to tear my eyes away
from the output


Song writing is hard.

We look for inspiration in every aspect of life. Capturing a portion of it and channeling it into a good song is what we attempt. Sometimes we do ok, but sometimes we miss. We will continue to get better. Our hope is that you’ll find a shred of meaning that touches home in your book.

We thank you for your interest.

Another Realm

listening to words
can’t see who speaks
they tell me of a land
where life is easy
love it seems exists
within the walls of this land
I’ll do anything to get there, to be there

lead me to another realm
fulfilling and without
the emptiness I cling to
is leaving me

I’m taken on a tide
(undertow) pulls me down
so I sink with the peace
I’m never seen again
like a whisper (I fade)
and never heard

a good friend of mine said
“all want to change the world”
it seems that all who do
don’t want to change themselves
I need direction
I’m not afraid to ask
cause when you’re desperate
no pride should hold you back

Agape 2007

Agape was a blast! We placed second in the battle of the bands on Friday which gave us the opportunity to perform on main stage the following morning. You guys were awesome. We had so much fun meeting and hanging out with all of you this weekend! Thanks so much for the kind words and enthusiastic responses.

We hope everybody made it home safe and we’ll see you again next year!

Debut Show

Greenville, IL – Nov 2005

Agape 2006

Greenville, IL – April 2006

Cornerstone 2006

Bushnell, IL – July 4-8

Studio Sessions

Recording what we do.

Recording the Boldfaced Legend EP

With Matthew Good and Andre Anjos – Feb 2006


Everything else Photoside.

Beautiful Release

everything I’ve seen
replays in the theatre of my mind
the images I’d like to forget
never cease to exist

you opened up my mind
let the light that’s lacking
permeate into my soul
beautiful release

glory for a penny
is what this hearts desire has fallen to.
and getting back up
has never been so hard to do

Love has come in a new way
Never seen by the greater mind
Something new fills the unknown
Blindness has become no more

You know who it is I am
You see me in a different way
Let me see the beauty
Let me feel the release


brilliance in my head
or so they say
what else could it be
that keeps pulling me deeper
dreams come and go
but the message stays the same
did I go wrong?
in thinking what the world thinks

hand on the wall
telling me what to do
fake my understanding
and move closer towards the edge

ignorance is bliss
or so they say
but in this case
knowledge would be more than welcome
and brilliance is
nothing but ignorance

Don’t Care

don’t we have a little love left in this place
can we give a little help to the human race
don’t we have a little love left in this place
or do we care, do we care, do we care now?

I feel thoughts start to rise
I stifle and my emotions climb
but I don’t want to know
what I think or believe
cause I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care

I’ve lost the game I’m livin’ on the street
all from jealousy and tryin’ to feed my greed
even a second chance was not enough for me
I didn’t care, I didn’t care, I didn’t care

we are told what we want and we want it now
don’t think twice if it helps or makes us worse
when tired of life we buy and feels good
so we don’t care, we don’t care, we don’t care


I’m sick and tired of thinking these thoughts
can I just get out of here
I’ve never lived, never trully loved
and I don’t care too much
as long as I’m not thinking I’m enjoying ability to ignore
and love is on my terms and I can’t remember my life

gotta turn my brain off…

Freedom Ring

ring, ring freedom, break through
into a degraded generation
speak, speak truth, goes through
never to be thought of

quizzical wonderings present everywhere
outside of the mind
closed eyes and untuned ears represent today
is anybody listening to anything I’ve said?

oh you came just at the right time
oh you came just at the right time

bigger plan, I don’t understand
stuck in this place, I want to feel grace
sweet embrace, needed desperately
no hesitation, given freely

oh you came just at the right time
oh you came just at the right time
come on and show your face to the naked eye
come to find that you were always there

blinding light, soul, lost, found
understanding sinks in
freedom rings loud and clear
louder than ever before

Grey Fame

I see the crowd
screaming and yelling
what do they want
what’s their purpose

why is it hard
and yet so simple
to comprehend
their way of thinking

can’t they see
past the ordinary
into the world
that is reality?

when will they learn
what is worth it
will they ever learn?

and all the great names
will soon fade away into nothing
so don’t hold on
to what this world has to offer

we’re only here
for a moment
then we’re gone
nothing is left

what really mattered
was it the fame
or maybe the money?


it’s only here for a moment
then it’s gone
it’s only here for a moment
so don’t hold on


what can I do when I know what you’re thinking?
what do I think when we’re eye to eye
a loud silence overshadows us
I do not know how to respond

what do I think about what’s going on in the world today
there’s no need to say what’s on my mind
you can take it or leave as long as I’m right
’cause in the end we’re all right in our own minds

one eighty degrees later, I’m left thinking
my view point on life ain’t the same anymore
three sixty degrees later, I’m in the same place
I feel like my life is unending

what’s right from wrong and what’s the real answer
some would say it’s within you to know
some live, some die, but where do we end up
I guess it all comes back to what’s within

or maybe we don’t understand
is it possible, possible at all?
the more we conclude the farther we get from the truth
I just get so sick of everything


what’s the real answer, right, wrong?
some will live, some will die, but where do we end up?
maybe there’s love, maybe, there’s truth

Kill Your T.V.

it’s an every day thing
you’re drawn into the blindness
sights of the unseen
giving orders to the deaf

innocent little ones
sit and take it all in
one by one
everbody falls for it

everybody falls

don’t believe
everything you hear
don’t think twice
they’re only lies
don’t believe
everything you see
it’s just a lie
pulling you farther and farther away

images are shown
portraying how life should be lived
approval is given
by those who do not think

voices are heard
“look like this, you’ll be like the rest” they say
oh so convincing
now the questions start swimming

they swim faster


take my hand, you’ll soon see
that everything can be found in me
I’ll give it all to you, everything you see
if you just fall on your knees

Cornerstone 2007

Bushnell, IL – June 25-30

Cornerstone 2007

What a week! Cornerstone 2007 was incredible. We really enjoyed spending time with old and new friends. We were scheduled to play twice; both on the Project 12/Grrr Records and Jesus Village stages, but ended up finishing the week with six shows under our belt. On top of those six, Matt joined in with Daniele Clark for two shows as well as helped Jeff Elbel and his band Ping on the Gallery Stage.

We just posted pictures and hope to throw together a video blog soon recapping our week at Cornerstone. Thank you so much to all of you that came to our shows, whether you planned on being there or just heard something you liked while walking by. It’s your support that keeps us believing in this little band of ours.

We have quite a few shows coming up within the next few weeks, so if you’re close to one, we’d love to see you there! Check the date’s section for when and where. Thank you once again to all of you!

Sing for the Gun

blind reason comes into view
where it goes is unknown
stunning beauty is hard to find
slow to come, fast to fly

fast paced, there’s never time
false excuses become real in our own minds
right or wrong, which to pick
the answer lies within our heads

the hell visible to the eye
is common in the world today
what you and I know is true
is so far away from the absolute
and we’re not getting any closer

simple and plain all on t.v.
wouldn’t it be nice if life were that easy
what you see is what you get
we’re required to make the best of it

sing, sing for the gun
you’ll soon find out that it’s not that fun


sing, sing, sing
for the gun
you’ll soon find out
that’s not that fun

right or wrong
which to pick
the answer lies
within our heads


emotion, feel it
it feels so good
tears take over
they bring you to your knees

hands sky high
spotlight on the main act
“glories” project
bring light back to them

it’s never enough
there always has to be more
you’re never satisfied
life will always lack in your mind

sad, so sad
it’s all wrong
heart goes against mind
raging war breaks out inside

truth is lost
in the midst of feelings
confusion rises
triumphant evermore


“stop! don’t leave
there’s one more thing”
wasting time
now we’re back to glory


breath in, breathe out
you know better than anybody else
how to let it all go
and start from nothing

eyes locked dead center
nothing will change their point of view
no reason enters the mind
only what’s going on at the time

I feel weightless

what you said, came to mind
what you meant, didn’t talk for itself
what you want, isn’t clear
what you know, is less that you let see

breath in, breathe out
isn’t it getting old?
the same words are spoken
and your patience is wearing thin

it seems life is redundant
it gets heavier each and every day
so let it all go
and feel the weight dissolve

I feel weightless


let it all fall down, welcome the new
let all fall down, and feel weightless

what you say, comes to mind
what you mean, talks for itself
what you want, is so very clear
what you know, is everything you’ll ever need

Welcome Home

unfortunately our children starve in this sick world
and adults live for false and ignore all that matters
some need love but all need knowledge of what’s real
I want to make it all right but forget that I’m the worst

but you, pick me
right up off the ground, when I despair

so if it’s not to much trouble
I humbly ask everyone
to open your doors to delight
and let us say
“welcome home”

unfortunately I’ve failed a lot, but haven’t we all
oh but listen my dear friends “there’s hope, if we are breathing”


so come together both you and I
we’ll work it out all in due time
you know we’ve got to start today
I’ll give it my all for this my friends

Bushnell, IL – Cornerstone 2007

We are heading up to Bushnell, IL for Cornerstone June 25 through to the 30th. We had so much fun last year and can’t wait to camp out, grill out, and rock out up there again this year! We will be playing on the following stages at the following times,

– Project12/Grrr Records stage on Monday at 9pm
– Jesus Village Stage on Wednesday at 9pm.

We’re hoping to land an opportunity to play on the New Band Showcase again this year too. We sorta got lucky last year. Who knows.

We’d love to hang out if you’re going to be there! We’ll see you then.

Bushnell, IL – Cornerstone 2007

We are heading up to Bushnell, IL for Cornerstone June 25 through to the 30th. We had so much fun last year and can’t wait to camp out, grill out, and rock out up there again this year! We will be playing on the following stages at the following times,

– Project12/Grrr Records stage on Monday at 9pm
– Jesus Village Stage on Wednesday at 9pm.

We’re hoping to land an opportunity to play on the New Band Showcase again this year too. We sorta got lucky last year. Who knows.

We’d love to hang out if you’re going to be there! We’ll see you then.

Greenville, IL – EP Release Show

New “Rising to Sleep” EP release!
Greenville College: Black Room
317 E. College Ave., Greenville, Illinois 62246
Cost : FREE

Chicago, IL – The Uprising

Unveiled Pictures is hosting and indie film and music fund raiser to help support a feature length movie they are in the process of making. Hosted at the venue, “The Original Mothers” in Chicago, the event starts a 7:00pm and goes until 3:00am. Each band is asked to play a 30-minute set. Between each set, while bands are changing, we’ll drop down a screen in front of the stage and show short films.

We are the second band of the evening and go on about 8:00pm. We would love it if you could come out! Let us know if you’re going to be in the Chicago area and we’ll put you on the guest list.

The Original Mothers
26 W Division
Chicago, IL 60610

Perryville, MO – New Hope Center

We are going to be playing a show with our friends Scarlet Vanity…and they know how to rock out! So…we would love it if you came to rock out with us! The specs are below…

$5 at the door
Doors open at 6:30pm

New Hope Worship Center
Perryville, MO 63747

Check out Scarlet Vanity at:


Random from 2006

Raymond, IL – Youth Ablaze

This is going to be an outdoor youth rally based around the topic of “See You At the Pole.” The whole event will include music, games and give-aways, as well as many other things! It should be fun…so we hope to see you there! The specs are below.

Starts at 5:00pm

19459 W Frontage Rd
Raymond, Il 62560


Greenville, IL – Patriot’s Park

4th of July celebration….fireworks, Photoside Cafe, a DJ…what more could you ask for? Specs below…

– Patriot’s Park
– 6:30pm

Upcoming Shows

We’ve been posting shows in the past few weeks. Some more are still to be finalized, so keep checking back for those. For now though, we are going to be kicking off our summer “gigging” with a week at Cornerstone where we’ll be playing 2 stages. From there we’ll be playing a lot in the mid-Illinois area as well as the southern-Missouri area. So if you live near any of the places listed, please invite some of your friends and come out to hang with us!

We look forward to seeing you guys and rocking out!

Agape 2007

Greenville, IL – April 2007

Centralia, IL – Battle of the Bands

The band Forgetting Paris is hosting a Battle of the Bands on June 2nd in Centrailia, IL. The show starts at 6:00pm and there will be 8 bands competing for a little prize money and some recognition.

515 East Broadway
Centralia, IL 62801

That’s the place. This is the lineup,

6:00-6:20 Drawn Away
6:35-6:55 Mainstreet
7:10-7:30 Frequently Divided
7:45-8:05 Photoside Cafe
8:20-8:40 Scarlet Vanity
8:55-9:15 Echoes of a Martyr
9:30-9:50 Synthetic
10:05-10:25 Saving the Scene

We’re looking forward to competing and maybe making a few more fans in the process. We could use the support if you’d like to join us!

St. Louis, MO – Cicero’s

Cicero’s is one of those venues that every band has played and yet we never had. So lets do this. We are playing there on August 7th. Below are the specs…

Cost:all ages; $5 ($8 for minors) at the door

Atheists for Jesus (9:00-9:35)
John Boy’s Courage (9:45-10:20)
Photoside Cafe (10:40-11:20)
Perry Went Home (11:40-12:20)

6691 Delmar
University City, MO 63130

Greenville, IL – Habitat for Humanity Benefit

Habitat for Humanity Benefit Show
First Christian Church
1100 Killarney Dr
, Greenville, Illinois 62246

Cost : TBA


The Rising to Sleep EP has been unveiled and our website launched! We have been working hard the past six months recording the EP and creating this home of ours on the web. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy!

Eureka, IL – Invisible Children Benefit

This will be a Benefit show is geared towards raising money to help the Invisible Children in Africa. If you would like to find out more about it you can visit them at:

The order of events that night will be as follows…

Jesus Pickles
Dear Future
Andy Ferguson
Photoside Cafe

The whole event kicks off around 4pm.

1452 Church Rd
Eureka, IL

Nokomis, IL – Nokomis Homecoming

We will be playing for the Nokomis Homecoming. The show will take place on July 8th at Nokomis Memorial Park and will start at 7pm.

There will be other bands as well. Hope to see you there!

Centralia, IL – Bogie’s on the Lake

To all our friends we met at the Battle of the Bands on June 2nd in Centralia…we would like to invite you to another one of our shows. This time it’ll take place at Bogey’s, and we’ll be able to perform a full set list. We’d love if you could make it and rock out with us! Specs below…


1750 Tee Ln
Centralia, IL 62801  

Greenville, IL – Mabry’s

This is going to be an acoustic show…something we don’t do very often. So it should be interesting.


Cedar Hill, MO – Joyful Noise Music Festival – CANCELED


Northwest Highschool
6005 Cedar Hill Rd
Cedar Hill, MO 63016

Carlyle, IL – Gov Run Sports Bar

The show is from 7:00pm – 11:00pm.

3300 Governors Drive
Carlyle, IL 62231

Morton, IL – Eli’s

Our friend Beth Schuck will be opening the evening. We’re still not sure if it’s going to be an acoustic set or full band.

M 205 W. Jefferson St.
Morton, Illinois 61550


Show Archive

Mt. Vernon, IL – The Living Room

The Dark Romantics, Photoside Cafe, Arts and Sciences, (‘Inspector Owl’ -waiting for confirmation)

The Living Room
July 3rd

104 North 9th Street
Mt. Vernon, IL 62846

Centralia, IL – Singer Songwriter Contest

This is going to be one of the two shows we’re playing on July 4th…it should be fun!!

A Taste of Southern IL: Singer Songwriter Contest
July, 4 2007

Live broadcast w/WRXX 95.3/WDML 106.9/WDLJ 97.5

Bogie’s On the Lake
1750 Tee Ln
Centralia, IL 62801

Breese, IL – WDLJ 97.5

07/22/2007 – WDLJ 97.5 – Classic Rock of Southern IL

Photoside will be interviewed and play an acoustic set live on the air. This is to promote the show on the 25th at Bogie’s on the Lake.

We are scheduled to go on at 8:00pm. Tune in!

Centralia, IL – Revolution Service


Greenview Christian Church
12 Greenview Church Rd.
Centralia, IL 62801

Greenville, IL – Mabry’s

Photoside Cafe will be opening up for Fall of Apollian. More details on the way…

1745 RT 127
Greenville, IL 62246

Artist Information


Promotional Material

Frequently Asked Questions



Centralia, IL – Bogie’s on the Lake

We’ll be playing from 7 to 11 p.m. hope to see you there!

Cost: TBA

Centralia, Illinois 62801

Iuka, IL – Iuka City Park

Eric Davis, Money Shot, and Photoside Cafe….Photoside plays at 2pm.
Cost: TBA

Iuka, Illinois 62849

Centralia, IL – Poplar Place

We play from 9 to around 1:30. Be there and have fun with us!

Cost: TBA

Centralia, Illinois 62801

Centralia, IL – Poplar Place

323 N. Poplar St.
Centralia, IL 62801

Greenville, IL – Jo’s Java

Jo’s Java is opening a second location on the square in Greenville directly above the Globe Theater. Join us for their grand opening!

The show starts with Steph Plant at 9:00pm and then we go on at 10:00pm.

St. Louis, MO – Cicero’s

We have the opportunity to play a show at Cicero’s hosted by BigTime Entertainment. If you would like to buy tickets from us we’ve set up a paypal link and we’ll mail you your ticket. Free shipping. This is going to be a great show and we hope to see you there!

Cost: $5.00 – GET TICKETS HERE (Paypal)

Saturday @ 1:30pm

Photoside Cafe
Will Saulsberry
Sideshow Bandits
and more…

6691 Delmar
St. Louis, Missouri 63130

Thanks and we’ll see you at Cicero’s!

Augusta, IL – Augusta Library

$5 – Tickets are available at: Mustard Seed in the Quincy Mall, Grannys Christian Books in Rushville, Libraries in: Augusta, Bowen, Golden, Littleton, Plymouth.

We are playing with Realign

Augusta Library
202 Center St, Augusta 62311

Greenville, IL – Mabry’s

Greenville, Illinois 62246

Sandoval, IL – Sandoval Fair


Sandoval, Illinois 62882
Description:Playing with Safe Haven.

Mattoon, IL – Block Party


Downtown Mattoon
Mattoon, IL 61938

More info on the way…

Greenville, IL – GC Fest

Greenville College will host the third annual GC Fest on October 27, 2007 in the Whitlock Music Center on the Greenville College campus. Student/alumni bands Photoside Café and The Silent Film will be performing along with GC alum Stephanie Smith. GC Fest, held during Homecoming and Parents’ Weekend, welcomes students, alumni, parents, and area youth.

– The show starts at 8:00pm.
– General admission is $5

More info here…

Mt. Zion, IL – Mt. Zion District Library

NOTE: This is going to be an acoustic show.


Mt.Zion District Library
115 W. Main St.
Mt.Zion, IL 62549

St. Louis, MO – Cicero’s – CANCELED

This gig has been canceled.

Eureka, IL – Discover the Unseen


Church of the Nazarene
1601 S Main St
Eureka, IL 61530

(309) 467-2276

Highland, IL – The 618 Broadway

NOTE: This is going to be an acoustic show.

$5 at the door

The 618 Broadway
2307 Broadway
Highland, IL 62249

We’re playing with Aaron Robinson and John Krane.
Bring a friend!

Troy, IL – Rocktober

October 28th, 2007

The Great Skate
284 Riggin Rd
Troy, IL 62294

The Silent Film and One Way Caravan will be joining us on stage.

Centralia, IL – Bogie’s on the Lake – CANCELED

We’ll be playing from 7 to 11 p.m. hope to see you there!

1750 Tee Ln
Centralia, IL 62801

Christopher, IL – Christopher Church of God


October, 5 2007

Christopher Church of God
206 S Mulkey St
Christopher, Illinois 62822

We’re playing with Arts and Sciences

Pawnee, IL – Loft Coffee House

609 Douglas St.
Pawnee, Il 62558

We’ll be playing with Chasen and Candlefuse. Check them out!

Greenville, IL – Black Room (Private Event)


St. Louis, MO – Cicero’s

We will go on at 9:00pm and following us will be “The F-Bombs” and “Copperview.”

Saturday Nov. 10th

5$ cover ages 16+

6691 Delmar
St. Louis, Missouri 63130

Our Little Newsletter Fiasco

We messed up! We’re really sorry about this latest newsletter and apologize for flooding your inbox if that was the case. It seems like some people only received a few duplicates while others were bombarded with… I think I had 76 in my inbox! We are extremely regretful and hope you will forgive us for wasting your time.

To be honest we aren’t quite sure what happened or how the mailing list engine we use choked. Something blew up and we are really sorry. We won’t let it happen again.

Thanks for sticking with us.

Bushnell, IL – Cornerstone Festival: Jesus Village Stage

Cornerstone Festival 2008

We’re looking forward to playing Cornerstone again! You can download the Cornerstone 2008 Schedule at: Cornerstone Festival. Take a look at it… we hope to see you there!

Date: July 3rd 2008
Time: 11pm
Stage: Jesus Village Stage

Cornerstone Festival

Jerseyville, IL – ATG


1200 S. Liberty St.
Jerseyville, IL 62052

We are playing with our good friends, Roses at Your Feet. Check them out at:

GC Fest 2007

Agape 2008

Agape…each year we enjoy seeing people we’ve met in the past, as well as new faces. Thank you for coming out this year and supporting us! We’re now winding down for a couple of months so that we can start writing new material and begin looking towards a new album. We’re really excited for what’s to come in the near future!

For those of you attending Cornerstone Festival this year, please look us up! We’re scheduled for both the Grrr Records/Project 12 Stage as well as the Jesus Village Stage. We’d love to see you at these shows!!

Please keep checking back for updates, and this is just a reminder that we have some exciting news coming soon.
Stay tuned.

On the topic of a drummer

We hit a speed bump… Nick Hopkins (herein referred to as “former drummer extraordinaire”) has moved back to Virginia. Life was going in a different direction for Nick and he is now pursuing a career at the police academy. It’s a terrible feeling to lose a buddy and band member like that and it hit us pretty hard. We went home over Christmas break pretty discouraged. But the holidays gave us time to think a lot about where the band was going and what our priorities were. We returned refreshed and excited to continue where we left off.

We have been looking for a new drummer not to fill Nick’s shoes but to bring new ideas, a new feel, and ultimately a fresh start. It’s an awkward feeling to ask someone to replace a family member so instead we are looking to hit the “reset button” in a sense.

Even though we are in a transitional phase, we are still playing a few shows with the help of our friend Jason Chatterton (Dressed to Kill, Hot Fever) who is graciously stepping in. Some of these shows include Agape Fest at the beginning of May, and later in the summer we’ll be heading up to Cornerstone Festival.

We wish our sincere blessings to our former drummer extraordinaire and look forward to introducing you to “the new guy” soon. Stay tuned; Photoside has some exciting news just around the corner…

Pawnee, IL – The Loft

Hot Fever, Dresden, and Five Oh Four Plan will be playing with us.

Date: 4/12/08
Time: TBA
Cost: TBA

The Loft
Pawnee Square
Pawnee, IL 62558

Greenville, IL – The Blackroom

We’ll be playing with our good friends The Recovery and Hot Fever.

Date: 4/2/08
Time: 7pm
Cost: FREE

Greenville College
The Blackroom
317 E. College Ave.
Greenville, IL 62246

Effingham, IL – Artisan Fair

Artisan Fair We’re looking forward to playing with some of our good friends, The Silent Film and Karl Kling.

Date: 4/19/08
Time: 9pm
Cost: FREE

Downtown Effingham
114 S. Fourth St.
Effingham, Illinois 62401

St. Louis, MO – Cicero’s

We’ll be playing with Ross Christopher and TBA.

Date: 4/15/08
Time: 7pm
Cost: $5

6691 Delmar Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63130

Nashville, TN – On the Rocks

We’ll be playing with our good friends The Recovery and TBA.

Date: 3/25/08

On The Rocks
1530 Demonbruen St.
Nashville, TN 37203

Bushnell, IL – Cornerstone Festival: Grrr Records/Project 12 Stage

Cornerstone Festival 2008

We’re looking forward to playing Cornerstone again! You can download the Cornerstone 2008 Schedule at: Cornerstone Festival. Take a look at it… we hope to see you there!

Date: July 3rd 2008
Time: 8:50pm
Stage: Grrr Records/Project 12

Cornerstone Festival

Bridgeport, IL – Friend Fire Cafe

We’ll be playing with our good friends The Recovery.

Date: 3/8/08
Time: TBA
Cost: TBA

Friendly Fire Cafe
123 W. Olive St.
Bridgeport, IL 62417

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– Photoside

Centralia, IL – Bogies on the Lake

We’re playing with Leveld. Should be a good time.

Price: $3
Date: May 9th 2008
Time: 7:00pm

1750 Tee Ln
Centralia, IL 62801

Edwardsville, IL – SIUE University

We’re playing with Nester Class 5, Mynstrel, and Hooked on Pentatonics.

Price: FREE
Date: April 30th 2008
Time: 12:00pm

1 N Research Dr
Edwardsville, IL 36261

Highland, IL – The 618 Northtown

We’re opening for the Fundamental Elements. It’s going to be an amazing show!

Date: 3/14/08
Time: 8pm
Cost: $7.00

The 618
2649 Northtown Way
Highland, IL 62249

Greenville, IL – Black Room

Naphtali will be performing solo at a a Singer Songwriter event. Other artists performing include: Jacob Lewis (The Silent Film), Steph Plant, and Katie Kapteyn; as well as Barry Dean, and Heather Morgan. Hope to see you there!

Cost: Free
Date: 2/29/08
Time: 7pm

Greenville College
317 E. College Ave.
Greenville, IL 62246

Greenville, IL – Agape Fest

Agape Fest
We’re the kicking off Agape Fest 2008! Bands that we’re opening for include: The Send, Run Kid Run, Hawk Nelson, and David Crowder Band.

Cost: $24.99 for the day – $35 at the gate
Date: 5/2/08
Time: 4:45pm

Greenville College
Greenville Fairgrounds

Bushnell, IL – Bushnell Park

Date: August 23rd 2008
Time: 8pm

Saint Louis, MO – Lumier Place Hotel (Private Event)

Date: October 9, 2008

999 N. 2nd St.
St. Louis, MO 63102