Chris Askwith

Chris Askwith lives and works in Plymouth England (yes, the jump-off point for what were to become the American pilgrims). With a background of silversmithing and pipe restoration, Chris Askwith is a relative newcomer to pipe making process, having entered the market as a professional in 2007. The seed to ‘go pro’ was planted during a chance meeting with a prominent carver and his kind offer to let Chris use his tools to get his start-up rolling. And what fertile ground those seeds were planted! In a country whose pipes are usually associated with either machines shapes, or makers who moved on from a certain famous factory, and then hand carved (pretty much) the same shapes, writ large, Chris's shape repertoire is as varied as his briars are well made. Mr. Askwith works in briar and, on occasion, English morta, and his airways are always drilled to a precise 4mm. His bits can be constructed from ebonite, horn, Lucite, but mainly polyester and feature a chamfered tenon and delightfully open draw.

All Askwith pipes bear his stamped signature and feature his logo stamped in sterling silver, Chris's assurance that he stands behind every briar that leaves his bench.

Chris Askwith CA25 (SOLD)
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