Gregor Lobnik

Gregor Lobnik lives with his family in Kamnica near Maribor, the second largest Slovene city, just a few kilometres from the Austrian border. In his home environment surrounded by unspoiled nature he soon developed his passion for wood. Always longing to be able to express his creative craft ideas by using his hands, he very soon discovered the art of pipe carving. He made his first pipe in 1998, after having carefully studied and explored unique peculiarities of pipe making for some time. Already in 2004, one of his pipes was selected for the finals of the Pipe and Tobaccos carving contest. In the same year, following his decision to further investigate details about the art of making pipes, he met the Austrian master Peter Matzhold, who became his mentor and a good friend as well. Mr Matzhold taught him additional pipe-carving skills, thus contributing to Gregor Lobnik's pipes to be in increasing demand among hard-to-please pipe smokers and collectors. Over the years, he has widened his knowledge of how to find and select the best briar for his pipes. Today, all of his pipes are made of the most-valued Italian briar which he always seeks and chooses himself.

The motto of his work, I hope that someday you will enjoy smoking your favourite tobacco in one of my handmade pipes that I love making so much, truly describes his outstanding devotion to the world of pipes and the art of this handicraft.

By M. Podlipnik

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