Le Nuvole

Maurizio Tombari created the "Le Nuvole" line back in 1996 when he opened his workshop in Pesaro, after many years of experience working for Mastro de Paja and Ser Jacopo. Since the beginning his wife Stefania contributed in the developing of Maurizio's own project, designing pipes shapes with a fresh and uncontaminated point of view which was a great help in order to create the peculiar "Le Nuvole" pipe line.

Maurizio only uses Italian briar. He personally selects Tuscany and Calabrian briar. It is seasoned in his workshop for a few years before its use. "Le Nuvole" pipes mount partially cut lucite mouthpieces which are skillfully modified with a long manual work on each of the shapes.

"Le Nuvole" pipes are classified by numbers, from 1 to 8. Sandblasted pipes are stamped with S and 1,2,3, depending on the quality of the grain. The number of the grade can be seen above the cloud stamped on the bottom of the shank. Rusticated pipes are stamped with "1 cloud"; partially rusticated pipes are stamped with "2 clouds". These pipes are characterized by a decoration made by the elegant play of smooth and rusticated portions of briar. Smooth pipes start with "3 clouds" up to "8 clouds." "8 Clouds" pipes are very very rare and only a very few pieces have been seen around.

Le Nuvole LN13 (SOLD)
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