Li Zhesong China has become a dominant force in pipe collecting, with many makers sending a substantial amount of their work there to satisfy the overwhelming demand for high end briar. An unforeseen consequence of this is that we are now seeing an emergence of Chinese pipe makers. One of the best of this new crop of Chineese artisans is Li Zhesong. Hailing from Suzhou in the Jiansu provence, Li left his career as an architect to pursue making pipes full time. His previous training has given him a substantial head start, as Li has been very quick to produce work that is nothing short of stunning. His desire is to emulate the quality of Bo Nordh and Jess Chonowitsch pipes, all the while maintaining his own aesthetic. Simplicity, compactness, delicacy are the hallmarks of his design strategy. Li Zhesong obviously has a long and prosperous career ahead of him.
Li Zhesong LZ06 (SOLD)
Price:  $0.00
Li Zhesong LZ01
Price:  $695.00

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