While in the extreme minority of carvers, women pipe makers have long proven themselves by matching (and often exceeding) the attention to detail and smoking mechanics of their pipes, when compared to many of their male counterparts. Moreover, the very best of the lot bring a fresh perspective when it comes to shape, coloring and adornment.

Manduela Riger-Kusk (simply 'Manduela') began studying with the notable Poul Ilsted when she was in her teens, and lingering effects of that apprenticeship can often be seen within the faceting of many of her compositions. 'Composition' is a rather apt term for her work, for Manduela brings an artist's eye to the subject, often incorporating both a myriad of exotic materials and iconoclastic hues to her work. Her pipes lean towards what we Yanks think of as the small side (and her fellow Danes think of as the perfect size), think in terms of a certain famous Brit company's Group 3 and you are probably in the ballpark. Invariably, Manduela's briars epitomize the unwavering standards of craftsmanship that are the hallmark of Denmark's finest, and are hard to come by in Europe, let alone the US. We, at Quality Briar, consider ourselves fortunate to represent Manduela, and believe that you will feel just as fortunate to have a Manduela in your collection.

Manduela MND20 (SOLD)
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