Nathan Armentrout Nathan Armentrout is an eighth grade science teacher from a small desert town just north of Los Angeles. He initially made his first pipes from pre-drilled kits, more as a dare to himself to see if he could even do it. However, what started out as a curiosity blossomed into a full-out passion, with Nathan becoming enamored with all of the steps in the artisan pipe making process. He seeks to pay equal attention to line and form as he does to functionality. Every Armentrout pipe has a comfortable handcut stem and Delrin is used for the tenons to provide strength and stability. Nothing that is subpar will ever leave the Armentrout workshop, thus drilling and engineering of the airway is always superb. Nathan does all of his own sandblasting, and has already displayed a talent for it. Because he is a family man and pipe making is not his primary source of income, production of Armentrout pipes will be extremely limited. From the vast sea of newly emerging artisan pipe makers, Nathan was chosen to be added to the Quality Briar lineup because his work displayed a standard of craftsmanship that far exceeded his level of experience. His work is already excellent, and we expect many great things to come from this pipe maker on the rise.
Nathan Armentrout NA25 (SOLD)
Price:  $0.00
Nathan Armentrout NA24
Price:  $335.00
Nathan Armentrout NA22
Price:  $450.00
Nathan Armentrout NA20
Price:  $450.00

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