"Hidden in Svendorg, the second largest city on the Danish island known as Funen, is a small workshop, sometimes cluttered with cats and wine bottles, where Poul Ilsted produces briar jewels. Though Poul is sometimes a bit of a hermit, his pipes find their way all around the world into the hands of collectors itching to acquire one of his meticulously made models.

For over thirty years now, Poul Ilsted has been making a name for himself in the pipe world. After working closely with Eric Nørding, Poul moved on to experimenting with and perfecting his art.

At first, Poul was known almost exclusively for his bulldog shape pipes, and for good reason. Mr. Bulldog, as he was so nicknamed, carved out a solid following for his variations on this classic shape of all sizes and contours. Though Poul has now become known for his work as a whole, his bulldogs are still some of the very best around.

Poul Ilsted's pipes are made exlusively out of Corsican briar because of its dense grain and nearly flawless formation. This decision on the part of Ilsted is a reflection of his dedication to perfection, a commitment that has continuously influenced his designs and production style."

Poul Ilsted PI02 (SOLD)
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