Scott Thile Scott Thile is an American artisan based out of Kentucky. A piano tuner-technician and piano rebuilder by trade, he has been making pipes since 2006. As with many up-and-coming pipe makers of this era, he is largely self-taught. Though looking at his already impressive body of work that is hard to believe. Thile pipes are made by hand to exacting standards from Italian, Algerian, or Grecian briar. Stems are hand cut from the finest German Ebonite or Cumberland rod, and designed for maximum comfort. Ultimately, Scott’s goal is to utilize the philosophy of piano tuning in his work by incorporating aesthetics and smoking characteristics of each piece of briar to create a well-tempered smoking instrument.
Scott Thile ST04
Price:  $385.00
Scott Thile ST03
Price:  $385.00

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