Steffen Müller Steffen Müller is a German artisan who has been making pipes since 2009, though he really started showing up on collectors’ radar after his Chicago Pipe Show debut in 2011. Having been mentored by Roger Wallenstein, his work shows a similar flair for whimsical design and unique finishes. However, all of this is done over a foundation of superb engineering and stem work, true to the German tradition of precision craftsmanship. In fact Steffen’s stem and button work are the very definition of comfort. All shaping is done by hand, which results in finished work that is the true product of Steffan’s imagination. If you are not afraid to push the boundaries of conventional pipe design, then the work of Steffan Müller is sure to delight.
Steffen Muller SMU05
Price:  $800.00
Steffen Muller SMU04
Price:  $700.00
Steffen Muller SMU02
Price:  $600.00

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