Steve Liskey Steve Liskey is a talented young artisan working out of San Bernadino, California. Being mentored by Jeff Gracik, amongst others, has really forced him to "get things right" from the very beginning. What makes Steve stand out from the seemingly endless sea of new pipe makers that have been emerging in the last several years is his natural artistic talent. In addition to showing a mastery in the standard aspects of artisan pipe like stem work, fit, finish, and engineering, Steve brings his own aesthetic voice to his compositions. This is most evident with his bamboo work. Unlike most artisans who select a piece of bamboo to complement a shape, Steve selects the bamboo first and designs the bowl around it. The results are refreshingly unique in addition to being executed at a quality that far exceeds the price point. It is quite obvious from even his early work that Steve Liskey is an artisan who is here to stay, and we look forward to watching his promising career unfold before us.
Steve Liskey SL14 (SOLD)
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