Photoside Cafe (version 2)
April 2007

Built entirely on the Wordpress backend. The goal was functionality and an easy to maintain backend. The website was released with the bands second EP, "Rising To Sleep".


- PHP, MySQL, Flash, CSS, Javascript, XML.



By The Tree
September 2006

Another website done withCaspian Productions.Bill Caywood at Caspian designed the site and I built it in entirely in flash. I wish I could take credit for the beautiful design. This is one of my favorite projects Bill and I have worked together on.


- Flash, Actionscript, XML.

Twelve Oaks
February 2006

I, the developer am in Greenville. JT Daly, the designer is in Nashville. Nick Marques, the backend guru, is in Indianapolis. The client in Peoria. The website hosted in Chicago.

Thats how we role.


- Flash, PHP, MySQL, CSS.

Trent Dabbs
January 2006

Working withCaspian Productionsis a cool gig. They designed Trent's site and then it was handed off to me to build. I ran with some ideas such as swinging stars and blowing weeds. I spent weeks diving into Actionscript to develop the cool factor with this one.


- Flash, Actionscript.

JT Daly Art
August 2005

JT was the creative think tank behind this project providing the design and direction. Working with an artist of JT's caliber was awesome. He does some amazing work. Big thanks to Nick Marques for the backend.


- Flash, Actionscript, PHP.

Cloud By Day
April 2005

Cloud By Day was looking for something a little more professional to front their online presence. They had an older site... it just needed an upgrade.

I had been stuck in a rut developing mostly in flash so this was a breath of fresh air. I was finally getting the hang of real web development. The graphics were a big focus on this site.


- Flash, HTML, PHP,

Better Days Ahead
November 2004

The design and layout of this site was straight forward and professional. I was going for an organic-vintage feel that corresponded with their already designed album cover. I sort of had this "the more layers the better" thing going on so I tried to integrate lots of textures and shadows to give depth to the site.

I recieved a lot of recognition after this site was launched. For a while I was getting two or three job inquires a week.


- Flash, Actionscript.

Losers Luck
September 2004

I experimented with building the site within a horizontal slider. The vintage organic feel to the graphics was all done from scratch with hours spent messing around with Photoshop brushes, etc.

I was happy with the turnout. My Grandma gave her stamp of approval too.


- Flash

Shelly Moore
August 2004

"I really like your other sites. I need just a bit more streamlined of a look. I definitely want our site to be different and innovative though. I want it to feel inviting and i want it to be clear as far as user-friendliness but still interesting." - Shelly

Shelly was an Art and Design major in college. I was humbled while working on this site but the end result was worth the effort. The transitions gives a smoother feel to the whole site.

Smooth = Streamlined?? I don't know.


- Flash

Pennington (version 1)
June 2004

I was curious as to what my work was worth after I completed this project and so I emailed a small web design company in California. In the email I simply stated that I was shopping around and wondered how much they would charge for something like Their response,

"That site is pretty 101, yet a lot to it. A site somewhat like that would run about $1,200."

I barely had the nerve to ask for two hundred.


- Flash, Actionscript.

Amnesty Letters
May 2004

This project was really what launched my little freelance business into existence. I had dabbled in web design but never attempted anything serious until Amnesty Letters threw me this gig. This site was built from online tutorials and hours of experimenting. I learned as I went. The draggable pictures was a cool little feature.


- Flash, Actionscript

Photoside Cafe Ecard
April 2007

We had just finished recording our Rising To Sleep EP and planned on launching a new website after the Thursday night EP release show. The Ecard was launched a week before the show to promote all that we had been up to.

- Flash

Spur58 Ecard
August 2006

This project came through Caspian Productions and like much of the work I do with them, I was merely hired to build and launch the already designed Ecard.

- Flash, XML
Mute Math Ecard
February 2006

Iíd been working freelance for Caspian Productions for a while when they asked my to do the Ecard for Mute Mathís Debut Album Release Tour. Doing my best to stay calm, rational, and cool I collectively and objectively decided it was best that I take the project upon being asked... MUTE MATH!! Wow. I was so pumped when I got this project.

The showcased Ecard here is all that I had my hands on. The final content was added later by their label.


- Flash

June 2004

This was my first attempt at a "professional business" website. I probably rebuilt it at least three times before I felt like I had anything worth showing to the client. To say the least, I was still never satisfied with the final product.

I think the intro saved the day.


- Flash

Photoside Cafe via Wordpress
April 2007

Wordpressis a powerful blogging platform that I used for the backend of the Photoside website. I started with the default wordpress theme, stripped it bare and then rebuilt it to accommodate my structure and design. Taking the wordpress custom management system and redeveloping it for the band was a task that took just over 6 months to complete.

- CSS, PHP, XML, MySQL and dabbled in AJAX.
Caspian Productions Header
August 2005

Caspian Productionshanded me the task of creating an interactive header for their new website. I spent weeks coding in Flash Actionscript to develop an entertaining toy to put the ďicing on the cakeĒ of their new site.

Programming in flash is pretty cool stuff. The interactive skulls that float around are all governed by code that imitates the physics of inertia, friction and momentum.


- Flash, Actionscript


Photoside Cafe T-shirts
April 2007

Higher resolutions and the use of vector rather than bitmap are a few details that make graphic design for print an entity of its own.

Naphtali Marshall and I spent many late nights throwing design concepts back and forth for our band T-shirts.
Photoside Cafe Promo Pictures
January 2007

Photoshop is a powerful tool for manipulating and visually enhancing photography.

These two photos were used for promotional purposes for the band Photoside Cafe; one professional and one casual.
Photoside Cafe Website Design
November 2006

Designing a website is like painting. I put on some good music, sit in a comfortable chair and make sure I have a drink at my side. I start with a blank canvas and a rough idea of where Iím headed and then I simply begin painting. Unlike painting however I must take into account that Iím developing something interactive, with a navigational structure and technical boundaries. Web Design is hard.

The evolution of the Photoside Cafe site gives you an idea of what the process is like from start to finish.
Just1word Journal GUI
August 2006

I was hired by Just1word as a production artist in the summer of 2006. I worked mostly with flash animation but was also given the opportunity to dive into designing graphic user interfaces. This stuff takes a lot of thought, planning and attention to detail.

The interface featured here was intended to be a journal widget that the user could use within the website.

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