Tonight Craig, baby and I had quite an adventure with some new found friends from church. The idea started with wanting to get a last evening in with this couple we have become to really enjoy who spend their summers working at a camp in northern Wisconsin. So knowing this was our last time to hang out for several months, we weren’t messing around. Anna found a Groupon that allowed four people to bowl for an hour for a very reduced rate and thus began the planning of our evening together. What goes well with bowling…pizza. Not just any pizza, but Bricks pizza. What’s special about Bricks is that they cook the pizza in a wood-fired brick oven which cooks it fast and gives it this extra texture that is both chewing and crispy at the same time. You bite into it and the mixture of the thin crust, delectable cheese and sause is like a little party in your mouth. Since they have a lighter air to them, you can order more and have variety. The best part is that when you are done eating, you don’t have this overwhelmingly “weighed down” feeling. Perfect for following up with bowling. But wait, we couldn’t stop there, we needed dessert. So Anna had baked peanut butter brownies that had more of a fudge¬†texture with this light whipped peanut butter topping that together made the perfect sweet addition to the evening.

We got the to bowling alley pumped and ready to strut our stuff. Everyone had a good time demonstrating the best bowling technique, although I think I take the prize. Seeing as I can’t bowl in the traditional fashion, I took up the famous “granny shot” but found it to be more effective backwards. It allowed more force behind the shot and I got close to a strike on several occasions. I did succumb to bumpers but didn’t end up even using them half the time. We laughed, told stories, and deepened our relationship through this fun filled evening. Thank you Anna and Craig for making memories with us tonight.

Check out some pictures Craig got of my feeble attempts at bowling at 8 months pregnant. This one is definitely one for the books!



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