Full Term!

We are officially full term and it seems Baby knows it. This week at our appointment, we discovered Baby has dropped even lower into position (I thought Baby was low already!) and further progress is being made. The doctor was quite excited about where we are already. We had an ultrasound this week to check the size of the baby which was fun for us to be able to have another glimpse at our beautiful creation. We are getting more anxious and excited about the arrival and know it will be the perfect time when Baby finally happens. However this waiting can drive a lady a little crazy.

We have the house in order and the nursery has all the main components so we feel good about Baby arriving. My bags have been packed for weeks except those last minute items (which are neatly listed out so we don’t forget them). I have prepared a few freezer meals and some goodies to take with us to butter up the nurses. This type A pregnant woman has done what she can to prepare and now waits excitedly to meet Baby!

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