jicama This week Baby Hobson is about 16.7 inches long and weighs roughly 3.75 pounds. Hair has begun to grow on the baby’s head and the the skin is becoming soft and smooth. This is the time when Baby gains the most weight so will continue to grow at a more rapid speed. Or at least that’s what it will feel like as the space we share gets smaller. This little one is definitely stretching and growing. But I still feel that I can do normal life things, just a little more slowly and with a bit more of a challenge. Although most babys begin to get into position, this one prefers to lay sideways, stretching out across my entire abdomen. AND it seems that Baby is getting Daddy’s sleep schedule. Preferring to be awake late at night, sleeping in until late in the morning. I might be in trouble with this one if that keeps up…we will have to do some serious sleep training to get on my schedule. But it will be an adventure we are looking forward to.

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