Alex Florov

I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. For a long time I worked in the museum of antique furniture as a restorer. I learned a lot about wood as a material and how to bring it to the perfectly desired shape. At the same time, I learned how to operate some machinery and how to work with other materials such as plastics, stone and metal.

After I moved to the USA in 1992, I have been working as a model maker and prototype designer for a number of premier model making companies. Working with modeling wax, plastic composites and 3-D computer design I realized how much I missed holding pure wood in my hands. My experiences throughout growing up and my skills have come to the level where I feel confident to complete any project that I set my mind on.

Over the years I developed my unique style of designing wood pieces which incorporates with the nature of wood and my vision on how to increase the beauty of Mother Nature creations.

In the spring of 2004 my father-in-law A.A.Slonim dared me to carve the pipe for him. Soon after I started carving more and more pipes for myself, friends and relatives in USA and in Russia and discovered that my pipes attract attention of other pipe smokers.

In all my pipes I use the best materials available to me and the designs and shapes come from my vision and imagination.

My goal is to bring the beauty of the wood through the pipe and deliver the joy of smoking it.

My highest grade for a pipe is Elephant Slonim. In Russian Slon means elephant.

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You'll see I don't have links to PayPal to buy a pipe or accessories on my site, I don't like the idea of hitting a button and buying a pipe. Call me old fashioned but I want to know who's buying a pipe from me. Here is How to Buy »