Victor Yashtylov

Victor Yashtilov looks more like a blacksmith than a pipe maker. He has given abandoning his former career a lot of thought as he knew that becoming a full time pipe maker isn't an easy enterprise. Victor started making pipes in 2001 but did not go online with them before 2005. He lives and works in St. Petersburg. Victor likes several pipe makers' work, with a preference for the Japanese masters'. After having worked with Corsican, Spanish and Algerian briar, he settled on using Italian briar which he ages several years before using it. The stems are made from ebonite or cumberland; adornments from ram, antler, bison or giraffe horn. Metals such as gold, silver and platinum are planned for the near future. The pipes are carefully finished with high grid sand paper (1,200 for the outside of the bowl, 600 for the tobacco chamber), contrast stains and carnauba wax. Airway diameter is usually 4 mm tapering to 2.5 mm at the bit. The latter are finished in a V shape on the inside and 16 to 18 mm wide and 3.5 to 4 mm high. Yashtilov produces approximately 80 pipes per year.

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