The late Briarblues. Smokingpipes. The Piperack. Pulvers’ Briar. These were and are my favorite American online pipe dealers. Mike, Sykes or Marty are at least as passionate about pipes as I am and they can teach me a thing or two. They know me and what matters to me in a pipe. Mike and Marty have refused to sell me pipes I was in love with. Not because they’re sadists, but because they knew these pipes were not for me. And they were right.

Quality Briar seems to be the same kind of business. Before selling me a pipe, Nick wants to talk to me in order to learn my taste and to serve me to his best ability. He answers honestly to my questions, even when he knows his replies will prevent me from purchasing a pipe. That’s the kind of pipe dealer I trust and I love to do business with.

My first purchase will definitely not be my last one.

-Erwin Van Hove, Belgium

I decided to write something when i got the pipes from Nick.

Buyers always hope to find good pipes sellers to do business:good communications,reasonable prices etc.Nick does the same as other good sellers do,even more better:he calls every customer to talk with them to understand their desire.
You will find Nick is unusual on selecting pipemakers. the pipes in his shop will show you a different pipe world,a wonderful world. your trip in his shop is not a waste of time.
-Hongwei Bi, China