Peter Matzhold I am about the age of 58 (in 2010) and my first real passion was architecture. I studied architecture in Graz and worked in this profession for a couple of years. At that time I started to carve my own pipes. Sure just for my personal fun and use. Than during a stay in Basel I meet a gallery owner who forced me to exhibit some of my pipes. I wasn't sure if I ever could have success with this kind of work, but life taught me I was wrong. From that time on I decided to try making my hobby to earn my living. It was a good decision. In architecture I had 10% work and 90% fighting. Now I have 10% organization and 90% time to work. Everything I know about pipemaking I had to learn by myself. A long period of trail and error followed. Finally the pipe smokers in Austria and Germany started watching and knowing my work. I am now well known in this area and I enjoy being a pipemaker a lot.
Peter Matzhold PM13 (SOLD)
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Peter Matzhold PM12 (HOLD)
Price:  $900.00

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