Mathias Dittmar

Mathias Dittmar doesn’t approach any aspect of his passions halfway. Born in 1974, Dittmar discovered the pleasure of the noble briar in 2002 and pursued the hobby with a vengeance; amassing a daunting collection of Danish super high grades in an impressively short amount of time. Thus, it should come as no surprise that when he began his pipe making career 2005, he didn’t start out by experimenting with a do-it-yourself pipe kit, rather he sought out Wolfgang Becker to become his first instructor. A bit later, the young artisan spent three separate, one week sessions with Tom Eltang in Copenhagen, which resulted in a fine friendship, as well as the master extending Mathias’ knowledge of the basics and teaching him the complexities of drilling freehand and non-conventional shapes. Finally, Dittmar set his sites on creating an immaculate airflow in his briars, and who better to turn to for advice than the artisan that holds one of the largest presences in his collection; the legendary Lars Ivarsson?

Crafted solely from the most expensive plateau-briar in the world, and outfitted with immaculately hand-cut German ebonite bits, Mathias briars often sport longer shanks, and his shapes lean to minimalist interpretations of the neo-classics which rarely fail to convey an impression of intrinsic energy. For years Mathias Dittmar didn’t sell his pipes, he created them out of his passion for the briar, and either used them as personal smokers or gave them to his friends. Truth be told, Mathias needs to sell pipes for income about as much as Paul Newman needed to sell salad dressing to underwrite his love of racing. It took a great deal of dialog to convince this amazing carver to share his art with a broader audience but, in the end, Dittmar came around and we at Quality Briar now have the honor of being one of only two sources in the world for the Mathias pipe.

Extremely limited in production, a Mathias briar is a product of passion in the most literal sense of the word. During the rare times that his work become available, you owe it to yourself to give this elusive artisan a try.

Mathias Dittmar MD06 (SOLD)
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