Lasse Skovgaard

Lasse is the son of Danish pipe maker Benni Jorgenson. Skovgaard started making pipes at the age of sixteen and by nineteen was working in the Larsen pipe factory creating "straight grain" pipes, Larsen's top series. After a few years at the Larsen factory, family friend Teddy Knudsen suggested that Lasse attend the Chicago pipe show with a few pipes stamped with his own name. Lasse went to Chicago with twelve pipes and sold them all, the show was a huge success and overnight the next great Danish maker was born.

Lasse only uses first quality root briar to guarantee his product the maximum level of quality. His fresh approach and unique styling is the future of high grade pipe making. Lasse is prolific at turning out pipes, his annual production is close to 400 pipes.

Lasse Skovgaard LS27
Price:  $1,200.00
Lasse Skovgaard LS22
Price:  $485.00

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