Maigurs Knets

(from Maigurs site)

Professional model-maker for Hobby, Toy and Industrial Design industries since 1992 to current.

Years of experience have prepared me for situation I'm facing right now. My experience may have been gained in different field, but it has trained me nonetheless. I don't look at what's seemingly new and unknown, I focus on the familiar.

Thus, finally, these two so elusive parts of me have come together; correct, precise mind and blood of a model maker with freely flying and warping heart of the artist.

I have arrived at crossroads and prime time of my life, where I'm fully confident that I can fulfill in 3D pretty much everything I can possibly dream about as an artist and craftsmen.

In this I have found my true passion for my new life and all the days I have left under the heaven... If you would just know, what triggered this?...but, it's safe with me.

Maigurs Knets MK86
Price:  $595.00
Maigurs Knets MK85
Price:  $595.00
Maigurs Knets MK82
Price:  $775.00

How To Buy?

You'll see I don't have links to PayPal to buy a pipe or accessories on my site, I don't like the idea of hitting a button and buying a pipe. Call me old fashioned but I want to know who's buying a pipe from me. Here is How to Buy »