Wolfgang Becker Wolfgang Becker was drawn into a career in pipemakeing after reading an article on the Danish master Lars Ivarsson. Captivated by these amazing pieces but not willing to pay the high prices they commanded, Wolfgang decided to enter into the craft himself in 1987. He spent years perfecting his technique before his pipes were commercially available. Wolfgang Becker draws design principles from the Ivarsson school but he brings them into an aesthetic realm that is all his own. His pipes posses an original and artistic shaping ideology that does not sacrifice their comfort and smokeability. One needs only to look at his Wasp shape, in all of its subtle variations, as a demonstration of this. He personally selects the finest plateau briar and only uses high grade materials such as ivory, bamboo, and horn. Fewer than 100 pieces are made each year. Taken together, it is no wonder that these pipes often end up in some of the very finest collections all over the world. Wolfgang Becker pipes are graded in ascending order from A to G, with the absolute best pieces receiving the "Wolfpaw" stamp.
Wolfgang Becker WB12 (SOLD)
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