Maksim Nazarenko hails from the Ukraine, where he has been making pipes since 2008. He was initially drawn to the craft as a pipe smoker, which would explain why his work is painstakingly made to provide the best, most comfortable smoking experience. When was the last time you came across an upcoming artisan that polished his tobacco chambers and draft holes to a near mirror finish? This is usually a detail we associate with the four and five figure pipes coming from the very best carvers working today. Mouthpieces are crafted from German Ebonite, and are cut to balance comfort and resilience. Maksim often likes to embellish his work with exotic materials, with horn notably utilized the most. His aesthetic is certainly of the Eastern European school that has taken the pipe world by storm; Maksim's work often uses compact shapes possessing rounded curves and clean lines. Maksim Nazarenko is clearly an artisan on the rise, whose reasonably priced work offers an excellent value and the promise of a fantastic smoke.
Maksim Nazarenko MN30
Price:  $1,000.00
Maksim Nazarenko MN28
Price:  $950.00

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