Jonas Rosengren Jonas Rosengren lives along the west coast of Sweden in Halmstad, where he has been hand crafting pipes for the last several years. Being the descendent of a long line of cabinet makers, it was no wonder that Jonas eventually turned to woodworking and eventually pipe making as a career. His foundation as a woodworking instructor allowed him to forgo a large part of the learning curve associated with making pipes and it was in no time that he began to produce work of high grade caliber. Of course it did not hurt at all that he was embraced by the Swedish pipe community and was allowed to visit with and learn from its impressive list of master artisans that includes Gurra, the Geigers, Vollmer and Nielsen, and Bengt Carlson. Despite being taught by some of the best, Jonas is an original, infusing his pipes with quite a bit of his own personality. He particularly enjoys playing with geometric designs. Every Jonas Rosengren pipe is perfectly drilled and made with a comfortable handcut ebonite stem. Jonas is a welcome addition to the already impressive list of Swedish pipe makers, and obviously has a long and successful career ahead of him.
Jonas Rosengren JR21 (SOLD)
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Jonas Rosengren JR20
Price:  $650.00

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