Vollmer & Nilsson

Vollmer & Nilsson pipes are made by hand in Malmö, Sweden, by the half-brothers Martin Vollmer and Anders Nilsson.

The pipes are made to provide the best smoking experience possible, as well as having a pleasing visual appearance. Much time and effort is spent on the small details.

Selected briar of the best quality is used, mainly Italian or Corsican in origin.

All mouthpieces are hand-cut from German ebonite rod, and are constructed to provide an open, easy draw.

Hallmarked Sterling silver, horn, ivory, bamboo, reconstituted gemstone, boxwood and other hardwoods are used as decoration.

Vollmer & Nilsson VN11 (SOLD)
Price:  $0.00
Vollmer & Nilsson VN10
Price:  $425.00

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