Paolo Becker

Paolo Becker today is considered to be one of the finest pipe makers in the world. After a sojourn of some years as one of the proprietors of the famous Becker & Musico shop in Rome (when he had not much time to make pipes) Paolo returned to his passion some ten years ago, spending more time crafting and less in the store. Finding the dual role too much in terms of creative time lost he gradually grew away completely from the shop to devote all his energies to crafting his matchless designs in briar.

Paolo is unique in that, as a pipe maker, he was influenced by no one but his father. And, since Fritz's death he has moved beyond those borders to where he now crafts pipes of his own exclusive designs- some times inspired by traditional English models, some times by neo classical Italian motif, and at others by Danish and German free hand shapes.

Paolo Becker PB14 (SOLD)
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