Jeremiah Sandahl

Jeremiah’s goal is that every pipe has the highest possible attention to detail both in engineering and aesthetics.

Mentored primarily by Walt Cannoy, Jeremiah is a rising artisan who started pipe making in Fall 2010 and began the wholehearted pursuit of high grade pipe making in 2013 after the Chicago Pipe show. His passion and training can be seen in each of his top-level pipes.

Through concentrated attention to detail, he creates premier pipes that demonstrate a fascination with the Russian school joined to a definite American flair. Continually striving for excellence, his devoted use of well-seasoned Algerian and Italian briar, the highest quality German ebonite for stems, and integral tenons ensures that each pipe will be one of your best smokers.

Because he considers his pipes to be his legacy and puts the quality and art of each creation first, Jeremiah makes fewer then 40 pipes a year.
Jeremiah Sandahl JS03
Price:  $300.00
Jeremiah Sandahl JS02
Price:  $425.00
Jeremiah Sandahl JS01
Price:  $375.00

How To Buy?

You'll see I don't have links to PayPal to buy a pipe or accessories on my site, I don't like the idea of hitting a button and buying a pipe. Call me old fashioned but I want to know who's buying a pipe from me. Here is How to Buy »