Konstantin Shekita

Konstantin Shekita was born in 1967 in Kiev, Ukraine. He started crafting pipes in 1990 as a employee for the Ukrainian pipe factory "Golden Gate". Since 1997 Konstantin has been making pipes as an independent artisan. In 2006 Konstantin won second prize from Cigar Clan Russia at billiard shape contest. Since 2007 Konstantin participate in world pipe shows during international slow pipe smoking events, in Ukraine, Russia and Poland pipe shows, since 2008 – in Chicago Pipe Show. Konstantine is also a professional stuntman and has worked in many Russian films.

His annual production is 200 pipes.

Grading system is

O for best pipes, straight grain, no sandpits

M for better pipes, straight grain, and maximum 2 sandpits

B for flame grain with or without sandpits. Konstantin also makes sandblasts in natural and dark finish.

Konstantin Shekita KS20 (SOLD)
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Konstantin Shekita KS17
Price:  $480.00

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