Gurra Lars-Göran Markunger, known to all simply as Gurra, handcrafts his pipes on the Swedish coast in a 19th century house that he fully restored himself. Though his first pipe was made in 1975, it was only after being mentored by Bo Nordh from 2004-2006 that his work really stepped into the public eye. Since then, with his low production and large immediate customer base, Gurra has mostly been kept a secret in Sweden, though his pieces have often ended up in collections that contain the world's best. Now it is time to let the secret out! What is most evident from viewing his pipes is that Gurra is a true perfectionist: finish, engineering, and even grain placement are all executed with unequivocal precision, right down to the smallest detail. Those who spend countless hours scrutinizing their pipes will be delighted with the work of Gurra, as his compositions will hold up against the highest of standards. Every pipe is completely made by hand, with no consideration whatsoever of time restraints. Thus, annual production is less than 50 pieces. Gurra is equally adept at working with exotic materials has he is with wood, and one can often find adornments made from Damascus steel, titanium, musk ox, amber, and fossilized bone on his pipes. Demonstrating originality and a mastery of technique, we at Quality Briar are pleased to offer Gurra pipes for your consideration.
Gurra LGM17
Price:  $1,350.00
Gurra LGM16
Price:  $775.00
Gurra LGM15
Price:  $1,250.00
Gurra LGM14 (SOLD)
Price:  $0.00
Price:  $0.00

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