Bengt Carlson Swedish pipe maker Bengt Carlson began his career as a hobbyist in the 1990's. What separates his trajectory from others into becoming an artisan of international acclaim is that he learned the trade from the single greatest pipe maker of all time, Bo Nordh. The hundreds of hours spent in Bo's workshop are evident in Bengt's pipes; it appears that he acquired some of Bo's relentless pursuit of perfection in both craftsmanship and design. Bengt Carlson's pipe designs are focused on simple, elegant shapes that are both beautiful to look at and a joy to smoke. Most pieces are paired with only a black stem, hand cut from German ebonite. Occasionally horn, bamboo, and Boxwood are used to accentuate a particular shape. Every Bengt Carlson pipe is made from the finest materials available and is crafted with an exquisite attention to detail. Pipes are stamped simply with "BC Sweden" and only 15-20 pieces are produced per year. The demand for his pipes far exceeds his production, and because Bengt Carlson is retired, he only makes pipes at his own desired pace. We at Quality Briar are honored to be his Exclusive USA dealer and are thrilled to be able to offer his work to our customers.
Bengt Carlson BC02 (SOLD)
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