Jürgen Moritz

Jürgen's love of pipes came at the young age of 12 when he would have to hide his pipes under his bed so his mother would not find them. Some years later while studying social science he took a part time job at a tobacconist. Working at this shop Jürgen began to refurbish and study the pipes he would work on, it's there Jürgen began to understand the inner workings and engineering of what it takes to make a quality pipe.

Jürgen began making pipes in 2003 with the encouragement from collector Jörg Lehmann and with the help and early guidance from Cornelius Mänz. After a successful show in Chicago and Rheinbach in 2007 Jürgen became a full time maker. You can see the Danish influence in Jürgen's style, yet his style and unique shapes are very much his own.

Jurgen Moritz JM18 (SOLD)
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Jurgen Moritz JM16
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